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Planting Seeds

by Natalie Guttormsson


Planting Seeds is a collection of 16 delicately selected poems filled with optimism and light. Featuring two new poems intertwined with Natalie’s favourites from the first book, Nostalgia.

“The moments in each poem are so personal, and universal at the same time.” - Ali, Canada

Enjoy the first time, then savour again and again any time you need a flood of hope.

Planting Seeds is available worldwide on Amazon. If your purchasing store is Canada, the United States, Britain, or Australia, use the quick link buttons below. For all other countries, simply type "Natalie Guttormsson" into the search bar and the book will show up. 

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A peek inside the book...




In the center of the garden

lies a truth none will know

while tears fall in silence

from the mourners' row.

Before a slab of white marble

delicate wildflowers grow

from the seeds of the secrets

you refused to let go.

- Planting Seeds, by Natalie Guttormsson


Lover of the Light


Why would I want the dead of night?

When I could have the magic of twilight

and the riot of the dawn?

- Planting Seeds, by Natalie Guttormsson

So Much More


You are strong.

Remember that.

You don‘t need their words

to build you up

or turn you on.

Ignore the urge to reach out to the past.

You are worth so much more

than your history has to offer.

- Planting Seeds, by Natalie Guttormsson

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