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by Natalie Guttormsson


Nostalgia is a collection of poems that offers a therapeutic journey through the past, savouring the moments of sadness, heartache, and bitterness along the way, into a future full of hope, optimism, and light. If you love a good cry during a dramatic movie, then you'll enjoy this collection!

Nostalgia is available worldwide on Amazon. If your purchasing store is Canada, the United States, Britain, or Australia, use the quick link buttons below. For all other countries, simply type my name, "Natalie Guttormsson" into the search bar and the book will show up. 

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A peek inside the book...


Into the Woods


Along the treetops she heard

the ballads of birds

in secret of lush green cover.

And the peace felt within,

she can't even begin

to explain it to any other.

How she felt more at ease 

surrounded by trees

than in the arms of any lover.

- Nostalgia, by Natalie Guttormsson




You visit my dreams nightly

and roam my thoughts by day.

If I could just hold on more tightly

maybe this time you won't slip away.

- Nostalgia, by Natalie Guttormsson



Your words are my perpetual twilight.

Somewhere between the light and the dark.

The harshness of day and the comfort of night.

A place where I don‘t have to choose

between risking it all

and having you.

- Nostalgia, by Natalie Guttormsson

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