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Short Stories & E-Books
by Natalie Guttormsson

Natalie uses several trusted Indie Author tools designed to make it simple for you to securely purchase digital books and download them to your favourite apps or e-readers at your convenience, whether that be Kindle, the Book Funnel App, Apple Books, or even your internet browser.


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Ash Lad & the Sea Dragon

Some stories need to be retold.

Can a clumsy farm boy and a sword-wielding princess defeat an ancient sea dragon? Find out in the new retelling of the classic Scottish/Norwegian tale by Natalie Guttormsson.

“One quiet evening, long, long ago, off the northern coast of what we now call Scotland, the frigid black ocean began to churn. The surface of the water shifted from black to white and began to bubble, producing a layer of froth. No one was around to witness the large scaly nose break the surface, nor the eyes as orange as fresh lava pierce the night sky. The ancient sea dragon was awake and hungry from centuries of slumber.”

The Deacon of Dark River (7).jpg

The Deacon of Dark River

A Haunted Winter Tale

Not even death can prevent the Deacon of Dark River from fulfilling his Christmas promise. 

“I've witnessed many strange events in my lifetime, but that December night at Dark River was memorable for a few reasons. For starters, out of all my years stationed in the coastal community of Skagaströnd in the far north of Iceland, that winter was the quietest in terms of supernatural activity. In past centuries, a typical winter in Iceland featured many exciting incidents, from troublesome trolls to mischief caused by hidden folk to the yule time monsters that prowled the countryside in the nights leading up to Christmas day.

My job was to ensure none of my kind, the hidden folk, caused too much trouble in the world of humans.”


Natalie is currently writing the first draft of her novel (Title TBA). The story weaves the rich folklore of Iceland, Scotland, and other European cultures into a fantasy setting with a modern twist. 

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