Natalie Guttormsson

Rewriting folktales because some stories need to be retold.

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The Folklore Forum Podcast & Folklore Fridays

Every other Friday, Natalie hosts The Folklore Forum podcast. Episodes feature discussions of folktales, conversations with story lovers, and interviews with authors, researchers, scholars, and everyone in between. Past guests have included YA fiction author Danielle Mohr and Icelandic folklorist/librarian Þórdís Edda Guðjónsdóttir. 

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Novel Writing in Progress

Natalie is currently writing the first draft of her novel (Title TBA). The story weaves the rich folklore of Iceland, Scotland, and other European cultures into a fantasy setting with a modern twist. You can follow her progress by joining her weekly newsletter. 


A Little About Natalie

Author | Blogger | Podcast Host

Natalie firmly believes in the power of stories and folklore to bring people together. Her fascination with Icelandic, Scottish, and German folktales is informed by her Canadian blend of heritage. 

Her current projects include the Folklore Forum Podcast, a novel in the works, and retelling her favourite folk and fairy tales. 

Poetry Collections


Nostalgia by Natalie Guttormsson

Nostalgia is Natalie’s first published collection of poems. This collection savours the therapeutic moments of sadness, heartache, and bitterness of the past into a future full of hope, optimism, and light. If you love a good cry during a dramatic movie, then you’ll enjoy these poems.

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Planting Seeds by Natalie Guttormsson

Planting Seeds is a collection of 16 delicately selected poems filled with elation. The book features two new poems intertwined with Natalie’s personal favourites from Nostalgia. Enjoy the first time, then savour again and again any time you need an infusion of hope.

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