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Whether you’re a first-time guest or a repeat visitor, all are welcome in this neck of the woods!


Here, you’ll find all the latest podcast episodes, folklore resources, and original short stories written by me.


As you take your seat at the feast, I recommend whetting your appetite with the free starter below.


*Just don’t forget to watch the clock—time passes differently here than you may be used to!

I’m Natalie Guttormsson, writer, mother, and host of the Folklore Forum podcast.


Enjoy this free appetizer

In the Company of Elves

In the wake of the Ragnarok Revolution, new alliances must be formed for mutual survival. When a Vanir named Ulfur finds himself lost on the battlefield and rescued by elves, he is forced to face some uncomfortable truths about his past, his kind, and the future of the entire hidden realm. 

What Readers Are Saying:

Many Books

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this short story. Guttormsson has created intriguing and likeable characters, and writes with a voice that welcomes and engages the reader. While reading I feel fully immersed in their world and am excited for the next instalment to see what happens to these characters and the land they inhabit.

- Ali

Many Books

This sensitive collection of short verse poetry brings you back in time to days of new love, rejection, happiness, and sadness. With each poem, memories of the past come flooding back with various thoughts and feelings. I recommend this book and cannot wait for more from this author.

- Sunna

Many Books

Natalie, I so enjoyed reading your poetry and will continually re-visit them. I look forward to Book 2.

- Alfreda


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A bi-weekly podcast

The Folklore Forum Podcast

Hear the history behind popular folklore, guest interviews, and original retellings of folktales from countries such as Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Scotland, Ireland, England, and Germany. Hosted by Natalie Guttormsson.

Listen on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Audible, or anywhere you listen to podcasts.


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Natalie Guttormsson

Author, podcaster, copywriter & mother.  

Natalie is fascinated by folklore and finding the common threads between cultures throughout history. Her research and passion for outcasts, underdogs, and visionaries have inspired her to rewrite popular folk tales and begin writing her first novel.

Love origin stories?

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