- Natalie Guttormsson

Not all who wander in the woods are lost.


Natalie Guttormsson

Author. Poet. Folklore Enthusiast.

Icelandic Descendant.

Natalie's published two collections of poetry, several short stories, and currently has a novel in the works.

When she's not creating fantastical worlds, she works as a professional copywriter

Natalie is also the co-host of the Icelandic Roots Podcast. 

Agnes and Ulfur Short Stories
by Natalie Guttormsson

Agnes and Ulfur have been hired by the Seelie Queen to track down Elves, Seelie, and other Fair Folk who have broken the Code of Yggradsil by intervening in human affairs. Together, this unlikely duo collects the stories and tracks down the culprits across 18th and 19th century Europe. 

Novel Writing in Progress

Natalie is currently writing the first draft of her novel (Title TBA). The story weaves the rich folklore of Iceland, Scotland, and other European cultures into a fantasy setting with a modern twist. You can follow her progress by joining her weekly newsletter. You’ll also learn more about history, folklore and receive exclusive short stories each month.

Poetry Collections


Nostalgia by Natalie Guttormsson

Nostalgia is Natalie’s first published collection of poems. This collection savours the therapeutic moments of sadness, heartache, and bitterness of the past into a future full of hope, optimism, and light. If you love a good cry during a dramatic movie, then you’ll enjoy this book.

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Planting Seeds by Natalie Guttormsson

Planting Seeds is a collection of 16 delicately selected poems filled with elation. The book features two new poems intertwined with Natalie’s personal favourites from Nostalgia. Enjoy the first time, then savour again and again any time you need an infusion of hope.

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The Elvenlore Blog

Want to learn even more about European folklore, myths, and legends? Check out Natalie’s blog, Elvenlore, for contemporary commentary on old stories, including recommendations for further reading and Natalie’s favourite podcast episodes on each topic.

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