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Fantasy short fiction featuring a cast of misfits, magical realms, and folklore reimagined.

I write short stories you can binge or savour while you’re waiting for your fave author to finally release the next book in that series you’re waiting on. With new short stories released quarterly, there is always a fresh adventure waiting for you here. My stories bounce between a full cast of beloved and flawed characters, so you can jump into the world anywhere you like without missing a beat or read from start to finish—there’s no right order here!

What Readers Say...

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading In the Company of Elves. Guttormsson has created intriguing and likable characters, and writes with a voice that welcomes and engages the reader. While reading I feel fully immersed in their world and am excited for the next installment to see what happens to these characters and the land they inhabit." —Ali

Free Story!

In the Company of Elves

In the wake of the Ragnarok Revolution, new alliances must be formed for mutual survival. When a Vanir named Ulfur finds himself lost on the battlefield and rescued by elves, he is forced to face some uncomfortable truths about his past, his kind, and the future of the entire hidden realm. 

Meet the Mastermind (Aka Author):
Natalie Guttormsson

Author | Wife & Mother | Podcaster | Copywriter

A strong love of history and folklore has fed my obsession with finding the common cultural threads contained in our stories. It is my mission to rewrite popular and obscure folk tales and bring them into the 21st century. My research and passion for misfits, underdogs, and visionaries inspired me to create the characters of Agnur, Ulfur, and all their friends, which makes the writing all the more magical.

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