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Agnes and Ulfur Short Stories
by Natalie Guttormsson

Agnes and Ulfur have been hired by the Seelie Queen to track down Elves, Seelie, and other Hidden Folk who have broken the Code of Yggradsil by intervening in human affairs. Together, this unlikely duo collects the stories and tracks down the culprits across 18th and 19th century Europe. 

Story #4 - Gudjon of Myrdalur

Selkie myths get a makeover in this edition of Agnes and Ulfur.

Gudjon of Myrdalur's wife has gone missing and the rumours in the district point to him. Is he guilty or is there something supernatural at play? Find out in story #4

Agnes & Ulfur - Gudjon of Myrdalur.png

Story #3 - Loyalty
(Epiphany Part 1)

Agnes and Ulfur return to the Hidden Realm to learn of their next bounty hunting mission. Agnes knows more than he lets on and Ulfur is torn about his loyalty. Get the first glimpse of the Seelie Court in story #3! 

Story #2 - Naddi of the Njarðvíkur Screes

Agnes and Ulfur are in search of another story as they traverse the dangerous Njarðvíkur Screes. Will they encounter the legendary feared creature call Naddi? Find out in story #2

Bakkagerði 14_edited.jpg

Story #1 - Borghildur and the Green Cloth

Meet Agnes and Ulfur, two supernatural beings on the hunt for a rogue elf who has broken the code between the hidden world and the human world. Will they catch up to her in time? Read the story to find out!

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